“Renata has a true gift of unlocking ones energy. She is a gift on enlightenment in this world. ”
Gerry Visca, Author / Speaker / Publisher

“In all my years in health and wellness I have crossed paths with many Healers & Reiki practitioners, many I’m sure are well trained in these fields. There are very few, however, who immediately captivate you with their grace and energy; there are very few like Renata. There is just something about Renata, when you are in her presence or interact with her, something inside you just knows that she can help and heal, you through her skills. I was not even fully aware of all that Reiki could do for me until I met Renata, at that point I knew I had to experience this incredible kind of energy work through her. After a session with her, you are left with a deep sense of peace, knowingness and clarity – it’s amazing! Thank you Renata.”
Angela Kontgen, Coach

Renata has completely changed our lives from the moment we met her. She introduced us to reiki and personal meditation and we have benefited greatly from this healing practice. Renata is caring and nurturing and truly takes a personal approach to a persons individual needs. She has a gift and loves to share it with people. Her inner light shines out to all who meet her!
Nicole and Tom Reynolds

Renata’s services and workshops have helped my son and I so much. My son and I have both visited her in her home studio, and we have both received such wonderful benefits from her treatments. Most recently, I took a workshop aimed at transforming how I feel about money, and my relationship to it. She helped me have such an awakening about the energy and vibration I was putting out into the universe, and she gave me the tools I need to implement changes in my life immediately. Most of all, she is generous with her time, and her gifts, and I am so thankful for her guidance and patience with us as we work towards living the best lives we can. I would recommend her to anyone.”
Catherine Tait

Renata Kiss came into my life last fall and I could tell she had an incredible heart. Everything she does is from a base of love and care for her clients . Her “Money-Changing your beliefs “ project is no different . I was attracted to this workshop to help alleviate anxiety I had surrounding money. The healing and heart opening which I received helped to not only calm the anxiety I was experiencing it also allowed me to see my situation from a new and fresh perspective . I highly recommend this workshop to all. Renata is a powerful healer .

My introduction to Renata Kiss came through a trusted referral . My sister-in-law and brother-in-law found Renata at the beginning of their journey that began with my brother-in-law’s lung cancer diagnosis. It was a few days after Boxing Day 2018, and my sister-in-law booked an on-line appointment at 10:00pm on the Friday night. It happened that Renata had not checked her on-line bookings and was ready for bed after entertaining all evening. But, this soul did not turn away the two souls that stood before her on her front stoop that cold night. And, that was the beginning of the light she shared with them, and ultimately myself.

During the months that followed, I was privileged to hear how Renata guided Tom and Nicole.  Renata suggested that they both take Level 1 Reiki so Tom could heal himself while at home, practise while awaiting appointments, Reiki his food , etc.  Her gift was most evident to me when Tom called me to walk through the guided meditation Renata did with him.  Her meditation brought Tom to his knees, to his faith, and he began his path to acknowledging what he had to take responsibility for in this life.  The Reiki that Nicole learned, well that sustained her and filled her when she was running dry while looking after three children, running a business, and attending to a husband with increased needs on all levels: emotional, physical, and psychological.  Reiki was also a method that helped Nicole connect to Tom who was experiencing something she wasn’t.  She placed her hands on him and learned that she could feel where he needed her healing hands to impart energy to his body.  Needless to say, Nicole urged me to see Renata, and I have never looked back.

When I was in my early 20’s I was with a group of muralists out in the cold rain during a team building event we were attending.  One of the girls recognized that my neck was kinked from holding my shoulders so high while I was trying to keep warm.  I knew her well, and she was eager to introduce me to Reiki, so I obliged her.  While lying on my stomach she placed her hands about 6 inches over my upper back and I felt instant fire.  This intense heat travelled down my back and her hands travelled.  In another encounter with this healing modality, one of the parents of two children I taught (a Reiki master and Intuitive), engaged me in several conversations that included  smudging and ridding me of negative energy.  On one particularSaturday morning in February 2018, I had no preconceived idea about what I was going to experience.

The session began with the administrative requirements for providing a service – making this light and energy transfer a tangible, normal, and accepted form of interaction between two people.  However, what I did not know at this point was that the monetary exchange would not capture the depth and breadth of the impact on my soul.  The instant Renata stood at my shoulder for the First Grounding, I saw wild flowing sheets of green and purple beneath my eyelids and simultaneously, tears ran down the sides of my face.  It happened that my father and mother made an appearance, both with tell-tale symbols only I could associate with them (my father a lover of paisley and my mother wearing a missing onyx and gold ring), but I also had a past life surface and Renata guided me through and brought me out the other side of an intense presentation by calling on her angels.  But it doesn’t end here, this is only the beginning of the impact of the has awakened in me.  Renata gave me a glass of water and we talked and I cried many tears.  Without rushing me at any point, she urged me to go home and take a bath with epsom salts and drink lots of water.

One of the last things she urged me to do was write, and/or digest what I experienced before sharing and I knew Nicole would be so excited to hear all of the details shortly.  When I arrived home, I couldn’t speak.  My voice was quivering and I couldn’t string a thought together.  My husband was anxious to hear the details also, but all that I could share came out in blurts and tears.  I ran a bath, and in solitude, I listened to Kundalini meditation music.  Each time I closed my eyes I saw green and purple.  This is a testament to the power the energy holds, even on the first treatment.  I was exhausted, I continued to cry on and off all evening, but I felt free.  I felt touched by God.

Like an educator, I began reading a book about Reiki over the summer.  In there, I read that Reiki finds you.  And, it’s true.  I saw Renata at the beginning of a leave from work.  I returned to work, but the issue remained unresolved, even at the end of June.  When my husband had a serious work related  accident the following October, I knew that I had to make Reiki a part of my life.  My family was shaken, and I needed us to heal.  Even though I read “about” Reiki that summer, nothing could prepare me for the attunement  ahead of me.

I have been an anxious being for as long as I can remember.  I shuddered at the thought of being away from my husband and two children for nine hours,and I communicated this to Renata.  This was especially frightening for me as it was only weeks since my husband’s accident.  I was also concerned that others would be there, and I suffer from self-induced performance anxiety which has explained all the things I’ve missed out on in my life.  Renata would soon realize that I was the only student that would be showing up that day, and in her words, that was exactly what needed to happen.

Self- doubt usually pervades the first few minutes of all my new experiences.  However, Renata is patient, and kind ;she walks you through the process and she appeals to you to communicate your needs as they arise.   During my Reiki attunement I was able

to see the following images:  a man to my left with bushy eyebrows looking down on me as a child, a baby calf appeared twice and once appeared to be lowing, a large honeycomb, what I recognized as ancient letters scrolling in the background like old movie film, and then I experienced new chakra colours red moving through orange.  This is single- handedly one of the most profound experiences of my life.  Following the attunement, Renata discussed each of the images and explored their value in being a light worker.  Moving forward, I was trying to stay present and not worry about performing my first Reiki treatment on my mentor.  But, the beautiful thing about a mentor is that the student invests and the teacher delivers, and this relationship grows trust.  So, although I felt the worry, it was brief.

I know universal healing energy flows through me when I first place my hands over Renata, and it moves me to tears.  I am able to see the most stunning indigo, ice blue, white, and I saw red poppies floating from her heart.  They were as delicate as one layer of tissue paper and emerged tiny and grew as they floated off and the next one appeared.  After my first treatment, Renata and I shared our experiences.  Renata recalled a vision she once had of lying in a field of poppies.

Renata has nurtured this journey.  I close my eyes several times a day other than before falling asleep, and I have never seen chakras outside of setting the intention to use Reiki with the help of Master Usui, other Reiki Masters, Guardian Angels, etc.  My experiences on my husband, and each of my children have shared some similarities, but in many ways were different, and individualized.  Renata continues to support me as a light worker, and like any great teacher, her promise that the light and energy would grow as I practise has been revealed.  During my very first treatment of a non-family member, I was blessed to see a chakra moving in its multi-dimensional nature much like you’d imagine a sphere to behave if suspended in space and also see several images that I later discovered were meaningful to them personally.  I was able to feel heat in my hands for the first time and feel words in my being that were reflecting the thoughts that were surfacing in them while I moved to each new position.

Renata’s energy is effervescent in that she is enthusiastic about sharing what she knows about a gift that we can both receive and give without sacrifice, expectation, and contributing to more physical stuff.  The gift she knows so deeply, and honestly, is one that grows faith by moving us out of experiences of the Ego and into the realm of our nature which is becoming one with an energy that doesn’t discriminate.  This said energy, God knows will cause us to look inward and affect our views of ourselves.  In this boundless energy we can see us in His image— faceless beings, and in turn, knowing this will bring us closer to seeing others in this special light by illuminating the souls of others.  Light worker.  That’s me.

“I have had reiki treatments in the past, but the experience with Renata are profound. Immediately once she starts the treatment I feel the energy lifting. I always feel a sense of peace and rejuvenation afterwards. Her ability to relay messages from the divine are uniquely given. Renata’s warm and compassionate nature welcomes a trust and comfort in her presence. I look forward to bringing my two year old daughter for a reiki treatment.”
Louise Sabourin