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Reiki by Renata

Renata brings a deep spiritual sense to her practice of Reiki, derived from her own self study.


Yoga by Dominque

A combination of Hatha Yoga gentle flow with restorative aspects to stimulate the mind, body and spirit.


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Renata has a true gift of unlocking ones energy. She is a gift on enlightenment in this world.
Gerry Visca, Author / Speaker / Publisher
I have had reiki treatments in the past, but the experience with Renata are profound. Immediately once she starts the treatment I feel the energy lifting. I always feel a sense of peace and rejuvenation afterwards. Her ability to relay messages from the divine are uniquely given. Renata’s warm and compassionate nature welcomes a trust and comfort in her presence. I look forward to bringing my two year old daughter for a reiki treatment.
Myra McKay RDH
In all my years in health and wellness I have crossed paths with many Healers & Reiki practitioners, many I’m sure are well trained in these fields. There are very few, however, who immediately captivate you with their grace and energy; there are very few like Renata. There is just something about Renata, when you are in her presence or interact with her, something inside you just knows that she can help and heal, you through her skills. I was not even fully aware of all that Reiki could do for me until I met Renata, at that point I knew I had to experience this incredible kind of energy work through her. After a session with her, you are left with a deep sense of peace, knowingness and clarity – it’s amazing! Thank you Renata.
Angela Kontgen, Coach


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